Best 15+ Small Artificial Grass Backyard Ideas

Artificial Grass Backyard has become a popular alternative than natural or real grass. Even if the initial installation cost could be much more expensive than the real grass, it could be such a great investment for your home.

The maintenance and care can be touted as easier compared to the real grass. On the other hand, you do not need to pay for pesticides, weed killers, and other similar things to take care of your artificial grass.

Here are some ideas for your backyard with artificial grass.

1. Simple Backyard for Kids Playground


If your kids would play in your backyard, it is highly recommended to install artificial grass backyard in the form of carpets instead of real grass, considering it would have a lot of traffic on it.

Artificial grass would not change in color as long as you invest in some hi-end products and they have such a natural look. You can even add some potted plants as the border of your backyard. It would be easy to clean up and if the rain comes down, you can always dry them with a water vacuum.

2. A Yoga Porch


Living in an urban area might require a lot of work for you to get an ideal space for a backyard. However, you are very lucky because the artificial grass backyard will allow you to have a backyard without having to deal with uneven ground or limited outdoor space.

If you want to set a yoga porch, you can simply install the artificial grass at your small backyard right in front of your porch. Adding some shading plants would make the whole area feels more peaceful.

3. An Outdoor Patio with Pool

You are very lucky if you have a wide enough area for a relaxing patio. If you have a pool and you need a spot to relax or chat with your family members or friends, having artificial grass carpets would help.

All you need to do is choosing the right material of the grass and arrange some plants around it. The benefits you will get the most from an artificial grass backyard carpet is that you can arrange and customize it as you like or as the existing space would have.

4. A Patio with a Fire Pit Tabletop

The next thing you can do with the artificial grass backyard is turning your backyard to be a patio with a fire pit table top. You do not need to make the whole ground covered with artificial grass. Otherwise, you can mix it with stone tiles to create a natural looking backyard.

Do not forget to incorporate some comforts like cushions on your sofa. For the shade, you can add a pergola so you do not need to worry about the sun and the rain while you are outside.

5. Backyard Pool


Do you have a backyard pool but there is not enough space for an outdoor patio? Well, you can always turn the available space into some grassy backyard. Mixing the pool, tiles, and the grass would be some eye-pleasing things to see.

On the other hand, it would be such a pain in the neck to plant real grass. Artificial grass backyard would be the perfect thing to do the favor.

6. Rooftop Gardens


Gardens on the rooftop are not some weird things nowadays. Everyone can even have one in their home. However, putting real grass on your roof would require tons of work, not to mention if the day gets very sunny or if you want to add a lot of decorative things on it.

The presence of artificial grass backyard would help you just like on the picture. For some enhancement, you can add some patch steps on the rooftop garden.

7. Spring Gardens


When spring comes, the flowers are blooming and everything around it would show its true colors just like what you see in the picture. If you do not want to make your whole garden seems too colorful and need some green to infuse, you can simply add artificial grass backyard even though you only use it for a small part.

In fact, that brown-red color can even be changed into some bright artificial grass. Just make sure you invest in some hi-end products with proper features.

8. A Home Golf Course


Do you want a golf course in your backyard? With the artificial grass backyard, everything is possible. You can make a mini golf course in your backyard by incorporating two different types of artificial grass.

All you need to do is playing with its texture, color, and density. This would be a nice addition to your small garden when you do not want to put a lot of work on it.

9. Simple Backyards


Simple backyards or what you see in the picture are the example of how simple your backyard could be. On the other hand, a backyard could enhance the overall look of your house. If you do not want to take care of your garden that much, the artificial grass backyard would make your dream come true.

Covering your ground with artificial grass and put one or two medium trees would create some interesting look in your backyard.

10. Colorful Backyards


If your backyard is simply for a place to retreat, you can show your colorful pots of flowers and trees in the area covered with artificial grass backyard. The big pot with colorful paintings is such a nice focal point in the backyard. Adding some string lights would make the backyard feel romantic and warm.

11. A Built-In Trampoline Playground


If you are into a trampoline but you also want a wide area to walk or playing soccer with your kids, this picture could be a nice idea. Since artificial grass backyard is easy to arrange and customize, to turn it into some planks that could be opened and closed anytime you need the trampoline.

12. Backyard for Playground


Your kids would love to have such a playground in your own backyard. Installing artificial grass backyard would be a relief because it will make your kids used to the texture. Also, no one would refuse to play on the grass with various things to play with.

13. A Full-Customized Bench Park


Another thing the artificial grass backyard could amaze you is that the shape is very flexible. You can even wrap the pergola or any shade in your garden with it. Just look at this picture and you will have a bunch of ideas plunging around. You will never go wrong with artificial grass especially if the soil is poor and you want something customizable.

14. A Cozy Outdoor Dining Area


Having an outdoor dining area would be such a relief. Also, it shows how luxurious and cozy you are. It would be a pleasant thing to feel when your feet touch the grass while eating your meals with friends.

15.Pool Borderline


You might have a nice big pool in your backyard. However, it would look so dry and bleak without the presence of something green or flowers. If planting real grass is not possible or might take too long, you can opt for installing artificial grass backyard. Other than that, no one would protest about that especially if you invest in the right one.

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