Kyle Reid

“To this day, when I can find an afternoon with a few hours to myself -- and these are getting harder to come by -- there’s nothing like sitting down in front of the record player and working out the little intricacies of great music.”

“I trust my ears."

Guitarist. Songwriter. Singer. Bandleader. Listener. That’s Kyle Reid.

Whether fronting the Low Swinging Chariots or flying solo, Kyle strives to evoke a mood in the listener that transcends the sum of its musical parts.

“When I’m putting something together, I look to forms for inspiration. Inspiration through limitation. It’s problem solving for how to meet and defy the listener’s expectations -- engage them, surprise them. Draw them in.”

He was 14 when his passion for skateboarding suddenly turned into a serious guitar habit.

Inspired by early rock and roll and electric blues, Kyle disappeared into his room to practice and, by his own description, didn’t come out for four years.

“I was in my room, picking licks by B.B. King, Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry off of records. My parents never had to worry about my partying on the weekends. They knew exactly where I was.”

Adding influences like Charlie Christian and Django Reinhardt during his college years, Kyle found himself in a community of musicians with whom he shared more in common musically.

Splitting his life down the center between studying engineering and playing around Norman and the OKC Metro with the likes of the JonBear Fourtet, singer Samantha Crain and fellow Foolish Philosophy label-mate John Calvin Abney, Kyle was able to discover where his passion was.

He completed his degree and never looked back.

Instead, he dedicated his newfound free time to listen and learn -- teaching, gigging, writing and arranging songs and capturing a musical snapshot of that time down on tape, 2012’s Sawdust in my Bed EP.

Two years on stages all across Oklahoma, playing his own material as band leader, gave Kyle a particular vision for his newest release, Alright, He We Go.

Recorded live in drummer Steve Boaz’s studio, Breathing Rhythm, the album showcases the full power and grace of his little big band, The Low Swinging Chariots, topped off with Reid’s sly baritone and tasteful lines spooled off of his Loar LH650 archtop guitar.

“The record and the live show are communal by design. Everyone contributed to the arrangements and I worked diligently to make space for everyone’s voice to be heard.“

A strong early response to the record has sent the band further afield than ever to satisfy audiences with its “in-the-moment” live shows. The band has been well-received in venues across Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Texas and remains active on the road to get to know even more listeners excited about the authentic musical experience that Kyle Reid and the Low Swinging Chariots bring to the stage.

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