Best 15+ Unique Nursery Ideas for Your Baby Girl

Nursery Ideas Baby Girl – Are you going to welcome a baby girl as the newest addition to your family? You must be really glad about the moment as well as prepare the nursery room for her.

As a mom, it is a fun and pleasuring thing to prepare a nursery, especially for a baby girl since there are so many ideas that you can try. For you who look for nursery ideas for your baby girl, here are some inspirations.

1. Starry Nursery


Who says that a nursery for a baby girl should always involve pink or other girly colors? You are also able to play with other colors, such as purplish blue in order to create a starry nursery room for your baby girl.

Dominate the nursery room with purplish blue and have some sticky lamps with a star shape that can glow in the dark. Add a hanging crystal lamp in order to strengthen the dramatic look in the nursery. For the crib and other furniture, you can choose the white ones to balance the colors.

2. Nature Theme Nursery


One of the easiest and the most instant way to decorate a wall is by using wallpapers. This also applies to the walls of a nursery. You can choose natural-themed wallpapers to be applied in the nursery for your baby girl.

For example, choose a wallpaper that has a tree picture and cute owls on the branches. Choose a baby pink crib and hang origami with a butterfly shape above the crib as the toy. Combine it with an olive single sofa for your seat when you have to look after your baby. The combination of the baby pink from the crib and olive from the single sofa will add colors to this simple nursery idea.

3. Colorful Nursery


Combine several colors for the nursery. Paint blue the ceiling and grey for the walls. Choose a wooden floor to bring a natural and warm atmosphere and combine it with an orange patterned carpet. Pick white nursery furniture to balance the colors in the room. And hang some wall decorations so that the walls won’t look empty and plain.

4. Purple Nursery


This idea is suitable for a spacious nursery. Dominate the room with purple by applying the color to some parts of the walls while other parts are painted white to avoid a dark look. Have a large purple rug in the middle of the room and place a white crib above it. You can also have a wardrobe and a table for the baby gear. This idea is also suitable for you who love a monochromatic look.

5. Girly Nursery


If you insist to have a girly nursery for your baby girl, you can try this idea. Choose soft pink for all furniture, from the crib, wardrobe, armchair, table, and so on. Add floral patterns to strengthen the theme. Combine them with olive green walls. To make it looks sweeter, hang a chandelier and butterfly toys.

6. Simple Nursery


Choose a white crib and combine it with light blue walls and white curtain. In order to make the nursery more decorative and cute, have Minnie Mouse decorations on the walls. Place a small built-in table to place a photo.

7. Light Blue Nursery


Dominate the nursery with light blue by painting the walls with the color. Combine it with white a ceiling and white crib to make the room looks brighter. To add colors, you can have a light grey armchair and light grey carpet. Hang some flowery decorations as the accessory.

8. Peach Nursery


The next idea of nursery room for a baby girl is a peach nursery. Peach is also a sweet color that is suitable for your baby girl. Bring this color to the furry rug and curtain. You are able to combine it with a light grey crib and a white small table. For the wall decoration, you can just choose a simple big initial of the name of your baby girl.

9. Dark Blue Nursery


There is nothing work to use dark colors for a girl’s nursery. You can use dark blue or navy blue. Apply a navy blue wallpaper with a dot pattern on one side of the walls. Choose the color for the curtain as well.

Combine it with a white crib and a white French window. The French glass window will allow the natural sunlight to come into the room. Have a built-in rack on the wall to place some decorations or children’s books.

10. All White Nursery

This nursery idea is suitable for you who want to bring a clean and bright look to the room. By dominating the nursery with white, you can also create a more spacious look. Choose white for most elements, from the walls, crib, single sofa, and many more.

Hang a crystal lamp in order to add an elegant touch to the nursery. Place some pictures of animals on the wall as the decoration so that the walls will not look plain and boring.

11. Flowery Pinky Nursery


This nursery inspiration is very girly. Apply pink wallpaper with a floral pattern to the half of the nursery room and paint the other half white so that the room will not look too crowded. Then, you just need to combine pink and white. For example, a white crib and a white table. You can also add a pink and white curtain. Have a hanging small crystal lamp to complete the look.

12. Light Grey Nursery


The next idea is very simple yet elegant. Dominate the nursery with light grey. On one side of the walls, apply a stripe-patterned wallpaper of white and light grey. Then, draw the name of your baby as the wall decoration. To add colors, you can have a pink round seat and a pink standing lamp. Hang some photos for the wall decoration.

13. Simple White Nursery


Another alternative to have a simple white nursery. Make your nursery looks simply bright by dominating it with white from the walls, crib, curtain, and rug. For the white rug, choose the patterned one to add a pattern to the room. You are also able to add a pot of green plants as the decoration. The green plants are also useful to add colors to the room.

14. Simple Nursery


A white crib is mostly preferred because it is suitable to be combined with anything, including white walls. But do not forget to hang some wall decorations in order to avoid a plain and boring look. For example, you can have your baby’s name on the walls. Combine the white crib and white walls with a dark floor to create a balanced look in the nursery room.

15. Simple Green Nursery


This idea is suitable for you who want a simple look for the nursery room at your house. Have a white crib and wooden legs and combine it with wooden floors. The wood materials will bring a natural and warm atmosphere to the nursery.

Paint the walls with dark green colors. For the wall decoration, you can just hang a simple round mirror. The mirror is useful to make the room looks more spacious since it reflects the condition of the room. You are also able to add a carpet or rug that matches with this inspiration.

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