Best 15+ Cheap DIY Garden Edging Ideas

Garden Edging Ideas – We have some garden edging ideas you can try to keep the good look of your home garden. Also, this is very important because you need to keep lawn weeds and turfgrass getting in the flower beds considering it could interfere with the good look.

Generally, you can use steel edges, cinder block, gabion walls, and so on for cheap yet simple garden edging. Still, you can find some types with a more hi-end option on the market.

Here are our tips for garden edgings:

1. Brick Garden Edging


The simplest yet easiest garden edging ideas is by using bricks. Besides keeping out the lawn and grass out of the flower beddings, it looks nice and warm from the outside. You can even make it on your own and turn it into a DIY project on the weekend. The cost is not too expensive and bricks are embracing nature very well.

2. Glass Bottle Garden Edging


Some people also prefer to use things that they have at home. If you have a collection of glass bottles at home or you love to drink beer and refused to throw the bottles away then you should try this thing.

You basically do not need to attach the bottles by using cement and pavement just like the garden edging ideas with bricks. However, you still need to dig the ground so you can attach and stick the bottle upside down nicely.

3. Landscape Timber Edging


Another cheap option to make a garden edging is by using wooden planks. It does not matter what type of wood you would use after all. The steps are similar to if you use glass bottles for the edging.

You need to dig the ground until a certain depth and then stack the woods nicely one by one. It will keep the weeds out of your plants and you can have a nice look in your garden as well. Since woods are natural materials, you do not need to worry about sustain matters.

4. Herb Garden Edging


Who said you cannot make a garden edging by using herbs? Well, this picture has shown that you do not need other things to make a garden edging because herbs will do it for you. You can choose any spice or herbs you want to have and then stick it to the ground and make a nice border out of it. Of course, you will need the main plants in the garden placed in the pots. This could be a good idea to create a herb garden as well.

5. Metal Fence for Garden Edging


If you want something more hi-end and easy to manage without including sawing and other things then maybe this metal fence could work for you. You can purchase the metal fence in any hardware store even the online ones. The slim and curvy style would make the whole appearance of your garden edging look blending seamlessly with the whole plants. Also, you will keep out the grass and weeds stay out of the flower beddings.

6. Earthy Seashell Garden Edging


The next garden edging ideas are made of seashells. You can find a bunch of seashells at the ocean, for sure. However, some hardware and accessory stores also sell this kind of thing. You can purchase the big ones and arrange it for the garden edging in your backyard. The steps are not difficult to follow. You just need to put the seashells on top of the fence blueprint you have made before.

7. Wood Blocks Garden Edging


If previously we have tried with chopped wood planks, now we can try with wood blocks. All you need to do is cutting a wood block in a convenient shape of squares and rectangles. It would be the fence. To enhance the look, you can also include the cylinder woods installed accordingly with the concrete or cement. It makes a nice look in the garden and the lawn would not interfere with your plants.

8. Fiber Garden Edging


Since there are various types of fibers you can find on the market, the one you see in the picture would also be available on the market. The installation is very easy and you can even keep the grass completely out of your flower beddings. Still, you need to stack some stones to enhance the look. It suits both big and small gardens. Besides, various color options are available.

9. Stone Garden Edging


This one is even the simplest garden edging you can try at home. All you need to do is purchasing some sacks of decorative stones. Before you arrange the stone for the garden edging, you need to make a certain boundary by using small ropes. And then, you can stack the stone just like the picture of garden edging ideas above.

10. Elevated Raised Garden Edging


This picture is also a nice example you can try. However, you need to prepare some hinges so the wooden planks could be easily managed and directed. The position of the plants above the garden will make the grass stay out of the bedding. It can be done as a DIY project on the weekend. Feel free to get the wooden planks at thrifts store or you can even cut it on your own as long as you have the equipment. 

11. Logs Garden Edging


Making a garden edging with some logs would also create a rustic look. On the other hand, the rustic style has its own charm and you can have that without even trying. Besides the materials are natural, it really will not bother the whole look of your garden while you are trying to grow your fence plants nicely.

12. Wheels Garden Edging


Some unused wheels in your garage would work really well to make a unique garden edging. According to the garden edging ideas, you can always use any wheel even if you purchase it from the flea market and go thrift. You just need to stack it on the ground and it will turn out to be a nice garden edging.

13. Unique Garden Edging


If you are not up for elevated raised garden edgings, you can definitely separate the flower beddings from the grass with this fiber plank. You can stick it to the ground until the height is similar to the grass. However, you need to give a considerable space between the plants and the edging after all.

14. Random Stones Garden Edging


First of all, the stones are not completely random. You can purchase several sacks of decorative stones for the garden at the hardware store and arrange it. The thing that makes this home garden looks luxury is the presence of those big stones. You can find that type of stone at the garden store as well and make one of the best garden edging ideas ever.

15. Flat Stones Garden Edging


This is another idea of using stones for your garden edging. The stones should be cut in certain ways so they can be stacked as you have seen in the picture. It reflects the rustic style really well with its artsy messy look. You can definitely try these garden edging ideas for sure.a

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