Best 15+ Awesome Lego Table Ideas | Lego Storage Ideas

Lego Table Ideas – Lego tables are more related to the kindergarten stuff indeed. However, you can actually buy them to place at home for some necessities. The main purpose is to play Lego for sure. But it can also be functioned just like other tables.

You can sit around it and gather with your family or friends, use it as the living room table, and many more. Of course, if you buy the table, your kids must also love it.

So, what are the ideas of the Lego table to apply at home? Here they are.

1. Three Pieces of the Lego Table with Storages


In a case you have some kids at home; it means that providing only a table is not enough. you need more tables that enable them to play on it more flexibly. Of course, for the parents and other adult family members, the tables will also be more functional.

So, buying some tables in a set is a great solution. Make sure that there are some places to keep toys and Lego pieces.

2. DIY Lego Table from a Lego Board and Storages


Despite in the form of a table, there is also a medium to play Lego in the form of a simple board. Compared to the Lego table, a Lego board is more affordable for sure. So, if you want to save your money, you can make your own Lego table from the board along with some storage. Place the board above the storages.

Make sure that it cannot be easily shaken or fallen down. If it is needed, you can even use glue to make them attach each other.

3. A Conventional Table for Lego and Other Toys


A conventional table can also be turned into a Lego table in several ways. In fact, when a table, even a working desk, is used by children to play, you can simply call it as a toy table. Particularly for a Lego table, there is one more thing you should not miss out. It is the Lego board for sure. Place it on the table. So that the board cannot be easily shifted, attach the board on the table with glue.

4. A Multifunctional Lego Table for Children


A Lego table can be functioned not only for Lego. Some toys can also be placed and even stored there. This type of table is called a multifunctional Lego table anyway. Since it is intended for the kids, the design tends to be more colorful with bright hues like yellow and red. Besides, since it is not only to play Lego, there must be additional elements on the surface including the road for racing and others.

5. A Simple Double-Colored Lego Table for Kids


This idea is still mainly intended for kids. It is seen from the applications of bright colors like red, green, yellow, or blue. The surface with grids becomes the primary sign that this table is mainly intended for Lego. But sure, your kids and even their parents can also use the table for other necessities. For its simple but flexible design, it is good for a coffee table as well.

6. A Broader Lego Table for a More Satisfaction in Playing


Some Lego tables are designed in a smaller and simpler design. However, there are some others that are bigger and look more flexible for other toys and games. If your house has more space, this idea is definitely recommended to apply. Moreover, the broad Lego tables are also available in various colors and designs. For kids, it is more necessary to have a Lego table with colorful designs. While for adults, the minimalist and compact design seem to be more appropriate.

7. A Minimalist Multifunctional Lego Table


Although Lego tables and other playing boards are more related to children, some others seem to design more for adult. It is seen from the application of minimalism as well as the storages that don’t have too many details. If many Lego tables are in bright colors, this type looks good enough only with its natural wooden color. But sure, the board applied above gives enough sign that the table is indeed for playing.

8. Another DIY Lego Table with Plastic-Bag Storages


If in one of the points above mention a DIY Lego table from the board and storage, this idea is a little bit different. You can use an unused table and then place a Lego board on it. if the table is bigger, it also means that there are more types of the board to apply, not only Lego. Then, attach some permanent plastic or transparent bags on the edges of the table.

9. A Billiard Table Turning into a Lego Table


You are a lover of billiard when you are young. That’s good for sure. But if you are now enough with it and want it to be for your children, you can turn the billiard table into a Lego table. Sure, all you need to do is by attaching some colorful boards on it. On the edges, the additional storage should be placed. Interestingly, there is a drawer originally from the billiard table. 

10. A Set of Triple Lego Tables with Chairs


There are some types of Lego table that consist of some tables. Those tables are attached to each other but the attachment can also be removed. Similar to other Lego tables, this one can be used for other needs. Interestingly, you can also separate it into some other tables if you want. This unique table is intended for children in the kindergarten indeed. But sure, you can also buy it for home.

11. A Simple White Table with Lego Board


Buying a Lego board is still chosen by many people. The board is not only more affordable but also more practical to place anywhere. So that it looks like other Lego tables, the board can be put on a table or other flat area. Then, your children can easily play Lego or other toys there. To fit it more, some chairs or benches are necessary to add.

12. A Lego Board on the Coffee Table


Principally, a Lego table is actually the combination of a table and Lego board that are attached to one another. So, if you are about to make it by yourself, you can utilize your unused coffee table. The Lego board is simply placed on the table if you want it to be removable. But for a permanent Lego table, of course, you need to play more with the glue there. Of course, the size of both things must be the same.

13. Utilizing Your Dining Table for Playing Lego


In a case you have a plan to buy a dining table, so, the old one can be turned into a kind of Lego tables. If the table is broad enough, it is much more flexible for sure. This way, some parts are used to place the Lego board. Meanwhile, some other parts are to place the Lego storage. One or two holes are possible to make to place the storage. It makes the entire table look neater anyway.

14. Lego Tables with Non-Drawer Storages


Commonly, to store the Lego pieces, drawers are installed in the table. If you want another idea regarding the Lego table, this one is recommended. So, the storages are made from buckets or baskets. They are placed on the table with some holes. Sure, if you buy them in a package, there is no need to buy or prepare the buckets yourself.

15. A Rainbow Lego Table with A Storage in the Middle


There is one more Lego table idea that is necessary to apply. The table has some Lego boards in rainbow colors. It is to give partitions among the players anyway. Meanwhile, the storage is placed in the middle. So, the table has no drawer or additional buckets as the storage. They are all unified in the table.

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