25+ Best Shipping Container Homes, Garage & Pool

Shipping Container Ideas – A shipping container that is no longer used is practically a junk; however, it is too large and actually too precious to be called junk.

So, it is always a good idea to exploit it, to reuse it, and to transform it into a truly useful and valuable object.

Here you will see 15 of the best shipping container ideas to transform unused shipping containers into truly amazing objects, many of which might be beyond your imagination.

1. Bedroom

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A cuboid with walls in all of six sides and only one compartment, a shipping container definitely meets the requirement to be a room. It can be any room, but if you want to transform a cold and dingy container into a cozy and comfortable living space, a bedroom is definitely a perfect candidate for transformation.

Using the container as a bedroom is thus one of the best shipping container ideas to exploit. In this container-turned-bedroom, you will no longer see any trace of the gloominess of a container. The interior is clean, bright, modern, and above all-cozy and comfortable.

2. Cabin

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Why make only a room if you can actually make a full cabin from a shipping container? This modern and minimalist cabin shows you that a container can actually be a full cozy living space that consists of not only a cozy bedroom but also everything that you need from a home.

With the right design and some greatshipping container ideas, your cabin will be a nice-looking living area that you can use on your own or rent out.

3. Garage

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Vehicles are among the most commonly shipped goods overseas using containers, so a container should be able to accommodate your car. You can use a container as a garage by allowing your car to enter it

If you prefer a roomier and more functional garage, you can use multiple containers as the supporting structures for your garage as seen in the picture. The containers’ interior can be used as a living space or workshop.

4. Above-Ground Swimming Pool

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Another ingenious way to reuse an unused shipping container is to transform it into a sturdy above-ground swimming pool. A shipping container is designed to endure wear and tear. This is why its structure is sturdy and—with proper maintenance—leak-resistant.

By opening the top of the container and sealing the remaining sides and then adding swimming pool accessories like stairs etc., a shipping container can turn into a cool swimming pool. One of the coolest shipping container ideas to use, isn’t it?

5. Barbershop

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The shipping container’s long interior is perfect for a barbershop or any other types of shop that require similar interior.

The interior can be designed just like an ordinary barbershop. With some aesthetic modifications, the shop’s façade and its metal structure give off a rustic and elegant look, giving the shop a unique style beyond compare.

6. Two-Story Modern House

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The clean lines and simple geometry of a shipping container are the core elements of the modern home design. The shipping container can thus be used as a complementary structure for an already constructed home or as the base material for the entire home.

Being cuboid, shipping containers are easy to be stacked on one another, so building a two-story modern home should be much easier using them.

7. Farmhouse

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Shipping containers are perfect materials for a modern home, but their use can yield much more exciting result if they are used to construct a farmhouse. The atmosphere of modernity is still perfectly maintained in this two-story home.

By adding windows and doors here and there, the entire home becomes brighter and airier, giving you a clear view of the entire farm or ranch. A farmhouse that is made from shipping containers like this will certainly be an excellent retreat from your busiest hours and one of the best shipping container ideas to employ.

8. Curbside Stand or Store

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An abandoned shipping container sitting on a curbside is a frequent sight in many urban and suburban areas.

With some modifications, including adding doors, windows, and some accessories, the shipping container can turn into a fancy curbside stand or store which is perfect for showcasing artworks and selling beverages, snacks, fast food, souvenirs, and other common types of curbside merchandise.

The transformation that the shipping container undergoes also gives off a positive effect on its surroundings as the environment now no longer appears dirty and cluttered.

9. Bike Shop or Parking Lot

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This bike shop effectively exploits the container’s accommodating and showcasing ability, making it one of the coolest shipping container ideas that you should contemplate on. Only one shipping container is enough to accommodate a lot of bikes in many imaginable ways.

The container’s walls can be used for mounting some bikes and its flat floor and roof are also perfect places for parking bikes. By adding a large floor-to-ceiling glass window on one of the container’s sides, the container becomes a large display that showcases the neatly arranged bike collection and bike accessories.

10. Art Studio and Display

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Another excellent way to use a shipping container that sits idly on a public place is by transforming it into an art studio and display. As explained above, adding a large floor-to-ceiling window and door will make the container an excellent showcasing display for everything, including artworks.

With some properly modified and decorated containers and the best shipping container ideas in mind, you can actually organize a unique and attractive outdoor art exhibition with some unused containers.

11. Dock House

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If you live a coastal life and travel frequently on a boat, a dock house made from shipping containers is definitely a perfect place to live. It is easy to find shipping containers lying on dockyards and ports because those are places where the containers are normally placed.

Pick a container or two, think about the bestshipping container ideas to transform it, and design a fancy dock house from it so that you will have a luxury dock house that is rather easy and cheap to build.

12. Another Dock House

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This dock house sits exactly on the dock, giving you easy access to seawater with all of its functions, attractions and beautiful sight.

This shipping container-turned-building can also be used as a small restaurant or merchandise shop. In a pier that is popularly visited by tourists, buildings that are made from shipping containers like this are frequently seen.

13. Capsule Hotel

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People who are familiar with capsule hotels in some East Asian countries should find this container hotel more comfortable and more interesting to stay at. In addition to the larger interior space, this container hotel also offers a more unique experience of staying at a hotel.

The curtain allows the guest to switch between privacy and exciting sightseeing experience. Every traveler will certainly love to give this container hotel a try when they happen to see it.

14. Apartment

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Don’t you believe that shipping containers can also be used to build an apartment? Just stack a number of them vertically and you will have some separate vertical living spaces that you can rent out or use on your own.

Shipping containers are originally designed to withstand the weight of other containers that are stacked on the top of them. Therefore, building an apartment from them is definitely not a risky endeavor. In fact, a container-based apartment is cheaper, easier, and faster to build than a concrete apartment.

15. Coffe Bar

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It would be exciting to sit and to enjoy delicious liquors in a bar that is made from an unused shipping container. Unlike a restaurant that generally requires a large and more spacious building, a bar will not have a problem with the rather limited space of a shipping container.

With the right accessories, decorations, and furnishings, the bar will look modern and feel cozy for everyone who frequents it. Think about the best shipping container ideas to build a bar from unused containers.

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