Best 15+ Small Garden Ideas – Front Yard & Backyard

Small Garden Ideas would be very suitable for you who live in an urban area, considering it might be hard to find enough space for gardening.

On the other hand, gardening is important to any house. It makes the sense of space and time while you can always enjoy the sense of the wild in your home area.

Of course, there are many things you can do to make a small garden. Some of them are available in this article. So, keep reading.

1. Potted Plants in the Garden


If the available space for your garden is pretty limited, the small garden ideas with potted plants might do fine for you. Potted plants are easy to arrange while you can also take care of them so easily. If you are not sure about planting grass or cover it with artificial grass, you can surround the varied footpaths with small stones. These would be very friendly even though the winter is coming.

2. A Paradise in the Garden


Small garden ideas also allow you to have a seating area in the middle of it. Precisely, your seating area is located on the deck with wooden pergola on it and some plants just surround the seating area. It would be such a cool spot to hang out or entertain your guests. Also, you can simply enjoy your juice in this spot. At some point, you can let some climbing plants to wrap the pergola.

3. A Bunch of Flowers in the Garden


If the weather supports the plants, it is very possible to have colorful flowers in your garden. If the available space is pretty limited, you can just make anything fit it just like the picture. You can also make a fence to differentiate the type of flowers instead. Some hanging flowers might fit these small garden ideas too. Just make sure you love to garden and will take care of the whole plants every single day.

4. Enjoy the Garden with Hammock


The next on the list of small garden ideas is a semi-indoor garden with two hammocks and potted shrubs. It would be very perfect for you who do not have enough space for a huge garden. Covering the ground with wooden planks is a good idea so you can clean them easily.

Also, do not forget to install a shade ceiling or pergola so the rain would come inside your small garden. It would be a good start to incorporate artificial grass as well. Potted shrubs would be easier to arrange while wall plants are just convenient enough to fill the limited space.

5. A Vertical Garden


There is no doubt to incorporate vertical garden on the list of small garden ideas. This is the most convenient way to infuse natural elements into your patio while the existing space is limited. You can stack the colorful flowers into some wood pots attached on the wall. Other than that, you can take advantage of some climbing plants and let it grow on the wall.

6. Small Garden Full of Herbs


If you do not know what to put in your small garden ideas, some pots of herbs might be the best answer. It only takes a small part of your backyard but it sure adds some good sense in your home and outdoor area.

Also, you can just pick anything you need from your own garden. For some enhancements, you can make a vertical mesh for flowers just like what you see in the picture. Those things are easy to manage for sure.

7. Paint Your Stones


The picture really suits houses with a small area for a garden. According to our expert of small garden ideas, you just need to cover the ground with grass, arrange some square stones like the chess board, and put the painted stones like what you see in the picture.

Some flowery plants would make the garden feels warm and colorful. It would be a nice getaway from a tiring day.

8. A Shady Garden


A small garden can be filled with a bunch of leafy plants, some hanging plants, a small fountain, and seating area. You can still utilize the presence of flowers anywhere you like but the shady plants should be on point.

Besides it looks cool and refreshing, this garden does not require a lot of work. This could be one of the best small garden ideas if you do not like to garden a lot. Also, you just need to add some step stones on the grass for some accents.

9. No-Grass-But-Stone Garden

As its name suggests, this garden is covered by a lot of stones in various shapes and sizes. The traffic area even utilizes bricks and some stones as well. In order to make the garden feels like a real garden, you can fill it with some green things.

In the corner of the garden, it can make a nice escaping spot coated with climbing plants pergola. These small garden ideas would turn into a simple yet easy to maintain the garden.

10. Stack-Your-Pots Garden


Again, if the space is very limited, you cannot just fit the plants here and there. You need to be smart and creative. Having a wood pallet would be a nice addition in the garden especially if you can make an open shelf out of it.

You can put the pots and containers on the pallet and arrange it in the garden. Do not be afraid of the kinds of plants you put there. This is one of the ultimate small garden ideas.

11. Stone and Grass Garden


The next idea on the small garden ideas is a garden that consists of stone and grass. It is not actually grass because it is just lawn growing and surrounding the stones. Planting some of your favorite plants would work fine as long as you pay attention to the weather.

12. Small Garden with String Lights


If you need a spot to get away from the routines, you can turn your small space into one of our small garden ideas. Any plants would work but we recommend you to use climbing plants instead. Later, you can just put a rocking chair to help you enjoy the night.

13. A Tiny Garden


When you open your back door, you will see a green yet fresh seating area. This is how you implement our small garden ideas into your tiny garden. You can just mix the stones with wooden tiles to cover the ground.

Adding two chairs, a bench, and one coffee table would make space seems right. Do not forget about the plants.

14. A Retreat Garden


If you love flowers, our small garden ideas would recommend flowery garden after all. It could consist of several flowers with different colors that will fully-bloomed when spring is coming. It would be a nice spot to draw or plunging some inspirations in your home. It does not require a big space after all.

15. A Corner Garden


You can always have your stunning corner garden. If you do not want to water it every day then you can put some cactus plants with its pot in it. Arrange it nicely and make a spot for climbing plants to make the garden feels right. This is the last part of small garden ideas after all.

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