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Published: Jun 09 Posted Under: Travis Linville

Travis hits the road with Hayes Carll

Travis Linville hits the road with Hayes Carll for a string of 16 shows all over the United States. You can see a full listing of shows here on the FP website. It is kind of incomprehensible to us that you may not know who Hayes is already but, on the off-chance that you are one of those Flemish-speaking Belgians, here's a video (not in Flemish) of these two boys getting down such as they are inclined to do. Photo above by Dave Hensley.

Published: Dec 31 Posted Under: Travis Linville

Travis Linville's Sun or Moon : Out on the Wire (FULL ALBUM REVIEW)

 Five years passed between Travis Linville’s first solo record, See You Around and the Sun or Moon EP. At first listen, it’s plain that it was a dynamic period that saw him transform from Travis Linville, guitar player to Travis Linville, songwriter. The opening song, which gives the collection its name, sets the tone for this new period of his output. “Sun or Moon” opens with a lightly overdriven electric guitar that evokes a conversational folk atmosphere and gently redirects the listener’s attention to Travis’s delivery of the song’s message of transformation.