Best 15+ DIY Vertical Garden Ideas Indoor & Outdoor

Vertical Garden Ideas – A vertical garden is a solution for you who want to grow plants while don’t have enough space for it. As you know, certain conditions like living in an apartment make people cannot have a yard around.

In this idea, the plants are commonly placed in the pots and they are arranged on the stairs or you provide shelves in it. You can place them whether inside or outside your house (in the balcony) depending on the type of the plants.

Sure, if you are able to arrange them well, it just makes your home living look more stunning and refreshing.

1. A Vertical Garden Idea on the Folded Ladder


Do you have an unused folded ladder? Well, you can modify it in a particular way to make it more functional. Therefore, you only need to widen the stairs available in it. Therefore, the plants with pots are able to place there. You can grow colorful flowers to make the ladder look more aesthetic. Even the ladder itself, you should also paint it beautifully.

2. Purple and Violet Flowers on the Wooden Vertical Garden


If your house is surrounded by a wooden wall as the gate, you should not miss out this idea. You can install and arrange some boxes on it neatly. Sure, the boxes are functioned to grow the plants. It is not bad to have colorful flowers there. But if you want it to look more unique, flowers with some similar colors are necessary. For examples; they are purple, violet, lavender, and white.

3. A Vertical Garden Idea on the Wire Wall via

Another house gate can be formed from the wire. Then, it also becomes another medium to grow your plants. Sure, the plants and flowers must be placed on the pots or tins first. Then, they are hung on the wall. If there is no gate from wire at all, you can especially make it only for the planting purposes.

4. Flowers in the Buckets on the Wall


Vertical gardens can also be created by using some kinds of home ware. One of them is the buckets. Yes, plastic buckets you commonly use to store kitchen ingredients can also be used as the planting media. After planting flowers there, you may hang them on the wall that you have prepared before. When the buckets have nice designs, it is much better anyway.

5. Growing Plants Directly on the Wall


Some types of plants are able to grow well on the wall. Well, they are often considered as pests indeed. But if you can manage those pests well, they can be formed into a very beautiful garden. What are those plants? They are Soapwort, Lipstick Plant, Anthurium Crystalium, Hosta, Parisian Lily, and more. It is better to separate them with other “normal” plants to let all of them grow well.

6. Colorful Pots for Colorful Flowers on the Wooden Wall


For you the lovers of country and vintage idea, you should try this one. First of all, prepare some small pots with the same size. Then, paint them in certain colors. Next, grow some flowers there. Sure, the flowers should not be too but and they must look balance with the media that are small also. Lastly, hang them on the wall. Since it is a vintage idea, it looks like the wooden wall or gate seems perfect.

7. A Unique Vertical Garden with Square Shelves


Contemporary square shelves are often applied at home to keep things like books or interior stuff. Sure, this idea can be applied for the vertical garden also. it is a very easy thing to realize. You only need to grow the plants in the small pots like usual. Then, the pots are placed in each slot of the shelf. When the plants have been grown bushy and they cover the pots, it just makes the idea look more beautiful.

8. Vertical Gardens for Fruits and Vegetables


It is not a new idea particularly if you are the lovers of fruits and vegetables planting. Yes, some kinds of fruits and vegetables are even at their best when they are grown vertically. While many people may do this activity for farming and business matter, you can also apply this idea for home decoration. Of course, fruits and vegetables can be consumed also if you want.

9. A Minimalist Vertical Planting Idea for Interior


Not all gardens and planting ideas are intended for the outdoor area. Some of them look great for the interior as well. Even if your home applies the modern and minimalist idea, you can apply them anyway. Sure, the planting idea should be minimalist. For examples, it is by not letting them be too bushy or preparing some plants only.

10. A Minimalist Shelf for Green Plants Only


If there is a part in your home exterior for planting colorful flowers, there should be another part where there are only green plants. Still with the idea of vertical garden, the plants are placed on shelves anyway after they are put in the pots first. To make the pots not easily falling down, create holes on the shelves based on the pot’s size. Then, the pots are inserted into the holes. 

11. Metallic Pots and Shelf for a Permanent Vertical Garden


Wooden pots and shelves are too common for the vertical garden no matter how various they are. Well, if you prefer something different, you can try this one. Sure, except you have an ability in term of metal projects, it is much better to buy them directly in the stores. This type of planting shelves is widely available nowadays. To get them, visit your favorite planting stores online or offline.

12. Affordable Pots from Plastic Bottles


Environmental pollution is definitely a big issue nowadays. You can actually put efforts to reduce it in some many ways. One of them is by keeping plastic packages and using them for other necessities. For the plastic bottles, you can use them to grow plants to support the vertical garden. Sure, you can paint or ornament it to make them look more artistic. Next, put them on the shelf or hang the bottles on the wall.

13. Vegetable Vertical Garden from Plastic Bottles


The plastic bottles are not only necessary to plant ornamental plants and flowers anyway. You can also use them for planting others with more value of money. One of them is vegetables. Yes, some types of vegetables including them from the cabbage family are able to grow well in the plastic bottles. Sure, nutrition must be fulfilled well.

14. A Wooden Shelf for Interior Vertical Garden


For the interior decoration, some efforts are necessary to do to improve the aesthetic side if the room. One of them is by creating a wooden shelf with unique shapes. Sure, there must be slots or hooks to hand the pots with plants. You should arrange in such a way so that the entire shelf is better-looking along with the furniture and other interior decorations.

15. Unique Plants Growing on the Wall Gaps


Using the idea of growing plant directly in the wall, you can also do the same thing but they appear from the wall gaps. So, behind the wall, whether it is the permanent or wooden wall, there is soil for the plant. Make sure to arrange and cut them off regularly to keep them neat and beautiful. The plants to put there also should not them that can break the wall of the vertical garden.

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