Best 15+ Beautiful Backyard Ponds & Water Garden Ideas

Water Garden Ideas are necessary things to add in your front or backyard. Well, seeing green trees and bushes along with their beautiful flowers must be interesting and relaxing.

So, to refresh your mind more, why don’t you also apply the sparkling of water? It can be through the pond, small waterfall or fountain in the area. Indeed, there are extra cares and treatments for this idea.

But you should not worry; it is worthy enough for your garden. To make you easier in arranging water ideas in the garden, some ideas below can be the references.

1. Garden Pond with Stacked Waterfall


If you don’t have too much space in your garden, you should not worry. Even a small pond is enough to make the garden look more beautiful. You may focus on the waterfall and fountain idea by making it more unique than others. One of them is the stacked waterfall that is formed from plate stones that are stacked just like the stairs. 

2. Garden Pond with High Stones for Waterfall


The idea is not so much different from the previous point. It is by tricking your small pond so that the attention focuses on the way how the water falls down. The application of stones here is more than the stacked waterfall above. However, the stacks are more while the stones themselves are varied in colors. Additional ornaments like cupids are good also to make the water idea look cuter.

3. A Unique Water Garden Idea with See-Saw


Have you ever seen a see-saw in the kindergarten? Interestingly, this idea can be applied also for your water garden to make it look more stunning and unique. Traditionally the see-saw is made from bamboo. But sure, you can also use other materials for it. The water flows to one side of the see-saw and it automatically flows down into the pond. 

4. A Water ball on the Pond Idea


If the fountain and the green centerpiece are too common in the middle of the pond, you can try this idea. It is by adding a water ball right on the pond. Sure, there must be something like a base to keep the ball stand right on there.

The ball is not literally made from water anyway. It is a glass that gives such a look just like water or crystal ball. Sure, compared to other pond centerpieces, you may need to spend more money on this.

5. Stacked Plates for the Water Garden Idea


Although the design represents traditional Asian waterfall, commonly applies in the Zen garden, it is actually something modern. They are like some plates that are arranged with “lips” parts on them where the water flows down. Sure, in the end, the water flows to the pond. There are some materials that can be formed into the plates. They can be stones, coppers, ceramics, and many more.

6. A River-like Water Garden Idea with a Big Vase


In the exterior decoration shops, it is not difficult to see many unique decorations for the pond and garden. If you are lucky, you can find a traditional big vase where the water is flown from it. The idea fits well with a pond that is in the form of a river. It makes the flow is focused on one stream only and it is surrounded by natural stones. Sure, the plants should be arranged around to deepen the sense of nature.

7. Manual Pump for the Water Garden Ideas


In your grandma’s house, there can still be a traditional water pump that should be pushed manually to make it work. This idea can also be applied in your water garden to make it look more unique and elegant. Sure, it is not literally manual where you must pump to make it work. Nowadays, those traditional-looking water pumps are connected to the electric power to flow the water automatically.

8. Natural Stones and Waterfall Idea for a Small Pond


It is so interesting for sure to have a pond that is right under your bedroom’s window. It should not be too big but the sparkles are quite calming to make you feel refreshed. Sure, it is not impossible to realize this idea. You may only need to play with ornaments around in which the natural look seems to be more suitable. So, there are natural stones and plants to surround the pond. 

9. A Unique Fountain from the Ring


The term of fountain refers to water that is splashing from the ground above and it goes back to the pool or pond. Although it is necessary to apply such a classic fountain, this unique and modern idea should not be missed out.

So, the machine to splash the water is in the form of a ring. The water comes from the upper area and it goes down to the pond. Some coy fishes are just great to keep there as well.

10. A Simple Square Pond with Waterlilies


This idea is actually really simple and traditional. There is a small pond in the form of squares with a simple waterfall from a conventional faucet. Sure, what makes the pond look more special is due to the plants grown around. it is including waterlilies there. This simple pond can be enjoyed more by placing a bench or chair next to it.

11. A Simple Square Pond in a Small Zen Garden


Having limited land outside the house often stops people to create a garden. Well, you should not be one of them. A simple square pond is a really good idea to solve this problem. The pond can be placed next to the house and it is surrounded by Asian plants like bamboos. To beautify the pond more, there can be things like the waterfall, water lilies, and some coy fishes. That is really calming for sure.

12. Unique Ponds in Rounds


Many ponds are in the form of a square or irregular. Well, they are the nature of garden ponds anyway in which conventionally they bring out the sense of nature. But if you want to apply something different, this idea is worth to try.

So, in your garden, there is not only a pond but 2 or even more. Sure, there are still some things to make them look more beautiful. Plants around and waterfalls are some of them.

13. A Clean Gutter Around the Garden


For you who have more space and prefer applying the modern garden idea, you can have a water garden idea that is different from others. Well, there is no more pond or fountain but a gutter. Sure, the gutter is clean and clear. Besides, you can also have some fishes there. The gutter is established around the garden in a minimalist way. There should be plants near it for sure.

14. Contemporary Curtain Waterfall Garden Idea


Not all the waterfall idea falls down densely for the water garden. Some of them are produced from machines with pores that are arranged in a row so that they look like a curtain. This idea is really suitable for your modern garden. You can even apply it on the gutter idea mentioned in the previous point.

15. Coy Pond in a Zen Garden with a Small Bridge


The traditional garden can be applied at home in many ways. One of them is by still maintaining its traditional elements, starting from the plants, coy fishes, water lilies, and even bridges. It simply makes your garden look more natural even if certain arrangements are still necessary. So, do you want to relax your mind more? The water garden ideas are the answers.

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